The 2024 Nissan Leaf’s Enhanced Range – Visit Your Local Nissan Dealer in Terre Haute, IN

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The 2024 Nissan Leaf is an excellent electric car, offering decent performance and respectable fuel economy. It’s affordable and great for city driving. The 2024 Leaf presents no significant changes from the previous model. This vehicle has two trims: S and SV Plus.

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Let’s dive deeper into the enhanced range of the 2024 Nissan Leaf.


The base S trim of the Leaf has a 147-horsepower electric motor and a 40-kWh battery. Also available at a Nissan dealer in Terre Haute, IN, is the SV Plus model with a 214-horsepowerelectric motor and 60-kWh battery. Both have front-wheel drive and a single-speed automatic transmission. The key difference between the two setups is the driving range. Otherwise, they perform similarly.

The Leaf has good fuel economy for its class. The base model is estimated to get 123 MPG equivalent in the city and 99 MPGe on the highway. On the other hand, the SV Plus has slightly lower estimates at 121/98 MPGe city/highway.

Battery and Range

The Nissan Leaf‘s standard 40 kWh battery gives quick acceleration and up to 149 EPA-estimated miles per charge. It is perfect for daily commutes. Meanwhile, the Leaf offers even more range with the 60 kWh battery option of the SV Plus available at a Nissan dealer in Terre Haute, IN. It can reach up to 212 EPA-estimated miles per charge.


You can charge the Leaf at home using a Level 1 (120-volt) or Level 2 (240-volt) charger or at any of the 50,000+ public charging stations nationwide. The Leaf has a 6.6-kW onboard charger. Meanwhile, Level 2 takes 7.75–11 hours for a full charge. A DC fast charger gets 80% in 40–60 minutes.


The Nissan Leaf has decent traffic performance. It goes from 0 to 60 mph in about 7.8 seconds for the standard version and seven seconds for the Leaf Plus. This performance is similar to its rivals. The brakes are smooth, and the e-Pedal mode adds control and fun to driving.

Like most EVs, the Nissan Leaf is easy to drive with smooth, instant power and no shifting. Its low-slung battery helps it stay grounded and confident when taking turns. You can also boost the Leaf’s range with Eco Mode. It converts braking energy into a battery charge using B-Mode on downhills.

The best way to experience the performance of the Nissan Leaf is to take it for a test drive at a Nissan dealer in Terre Haute, IN.

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